Light Sticks | Drum Set

Will Calhoun plays the drum set with illuminated sticks as part of his program “Freedom of Expression” part of the 2021 Concert of Colors, metro Detroit’s annual diversity festival.

mp4 | 1080×1080 pixels | 25 seconds | 34 MB | looping

This series is based on my work with Grammy Award winning drummer Will Calhoun. Best known for his work with the rock band Living Colour, Will has also tirelessly pursued his interest in expanding his understanding of the music and peoples of world.

This series finds its roots in the videos produced for Will’s 2005 solo album Native Lands. Native Lands reflects Will’s travels and experiences over the prior decade and features collaborations with kindred musical spirits from around the globe. The impact and influences of the cultures encountered along the way are found not only in his music, but also in the visuals created to accompany the album.

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