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Newark Triptych

POWER | Throughout the development of the city, the most powerful institutions of any era can be gauged by its tallest structures. Once, cathedrals ruled the sky, then industrial facilities towered and since the twentieth century it is commercial skyscrapers belonging to the largest and richest corporations.

CIRCULATION | The relationship between the city and the needs of individual transportation has been challenging from the beginning. The ever-increasing automobility of the last century is a complex mix of interacting machines and social practices and is fundamentally at odds with the design of a healthy city.  

DECAY | Cities are living organisms and display the many qualities of what it means to be alive. They grow, change and parts decay and fall away. Whether due to deindustrialization, depopulation or deurbanization, aging infrastructure and abandoned buildings show the patina of local history. 

This series is a collaboration with musician Steve Jones and visual artist Jeremy Moss. |

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